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BART parking during a potential strike (2013)

Photo Image: John Kinsella
Photo Image: John Kinsella

What will happen to all the parking spaces?
Parking at BART stations will be free and open to the public during a strike on a first-come, first-serve basis. Carpoolers can arrange to meet at these locations during the strike similar to Park Ride lots.  However, elevator access in the parking structures is not guaranteed.
What if I have a parking permit for reserved parking?
Parking permit costs will be refunded when BART is not in service.
An update from BART Customer Services:

BART and its Unions are actively negotiating and are hoping for a successful resolution to its contract negotiations.  If, however, for some unfortunate reason that there is a work stoppage, we want to assure our customers that we would refund the cost of the permits purchased for the times that BART was not offering service.
Also, parking in our lots will be open regardless of a work stoppage.  Although you have a permit, you may not get a space as you usually would.

As the date of a potential service disruption draws near, visit for status updates.  Check with your employer about alternative transportation options or working from home.

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