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BART Strike Ends but Negotiations Continue (2013)

Late Thursday night, BART announced that trains will resume service on Friday, July 5th at 3 PM, bringing an end to the BART Strike that crippled Bay Area transportation all of this week.
This occurred shortly after the agency announced there would be no BART service on Friday, July 5th.
The charter bus service offered by BART between the East Bay and San Francisco will operate as scheduled, beginning at 5 AM on Friday, July  5th.
The debate is far from resolved, but for the next 30 days, BART and its unions will continue to work together to bridge the gap.
BART General Manager Grace Crunican:

That focus is why we stand together tonight to announce that we will continue working to reach an agreement during the next 30 days while the trains continue to run. It is my resolve to bargain in good faith and to keep the trains running.
The BART bargaining teams on both sides of the table have worked tirelessly to bargain a new contract under difficult circumstances. Their work is appreciated. Most importantly for me, I want to welcome back all the BART employees who have been on strike during the past week.
Now let’s get the trains moving.

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