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BART To Pilot Bike Fridays Program

BART is lifting the bicycle black out every Friday during the August allowing morning commuters greater access to Transbay service.
Bikes On Bart
The move is a pilot program allowing bikes on trains all day, including rush hour, to measure the affects of the pilot on passengers and train operations. The pilot does not change bicycle rules for Monday through Thursday, or BART’s prohibition of riders boarding with bikes in the first car or crowded trains remain in place. Evaluation of “Bike Fridays” will occur on each Friday and will help determine if the pilot is extended or if BART continues to restrict bikes during peak periods. The evaluation will include feedback from riders, both cyclists and non-cyclists, and an analysis of operational issues, such as the amount of time a train remains at each station to accommodate bicycle boarding.  Any suggested changes to BART’s bike rules will go to the BART Board for discussion. Read the full story.
Photo credit: Jeremy Brooks

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