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BART’s Lost and Found

Last week, I rode BART to the San Francisco Airport. Both BART and SFO were pretty empty. After San Bruno, the next to last stop, I noticed a brand new white iPhone sitting alone in the seat across from me. The train had been almost empty since the Mission, but I was pretty sure someone had just stepped away from the seat. I took the phone to the station agents at SFO. In a good Bay Area moment, the station agents and I all complained about AT&T, but they quickly got back to business and promised me they’d send it through the proper channels. I subconsciously checked for my phone about ten times before I got to my destination.
What are those proper channels? How will the San Bruno-bound iPhone owner get their phone back? What can anyone do when they realize they left their phone, book, or umbrella behind?
1) Lost and Found office
BART’s Lost and Found is located in the 12th St./Oakland City Center Station. Lost and Found is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from noon to 2 pm and 3 to 6 pm and closed holidays.
2) Getting help online
On BART’s website, you can submit a description of the item, along with a description of which train it was lost on, and your contact information.
Have you left something on BART?  Did you get it back?  Share your experiences in the comments?