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BART's New Bicycle Plan Open For Comments!

Do you ride your bike to catch the BART as part of your commute? Are there improvements that BART could make at stations to better accommodate and encourage bicycling?
If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these you may want to take a look at BART’s new draft bicycle plan. Currently approximately 4% of passengers arrive at BART by bicycle, and BART would like to see that figure jump to 8% by the year 2022– a significant portion when considering bicycling makes up about 1% of travel nationally and currently hovers around 3.5% of trips in bicycle friendly San Francisco.
Day 266/365 - Get out of your car!
BART Bicycle Parking. Photo Credit: Victoria Shephard
BART’s current bicycle plan draft marks an update from an earlier plan adopted in 2002 with the stated purpose twofold:

To outline the specific strategies needed to persuade ever greater numbers of passengers to bike to and park at BART stations.


To create a Bicycle Investment Tool that BART staff and other transit agencies can use to select the improvements that will result in the largest increases in bicycle access trips.

To ensure BART’s bicycle plan be the best it can be, the agency will require input from those that currently bike to BART or would like to do so– you! Be sure to download the draft bicycle plan and to learn more about bikes and BART. If you have comments and suggestions related to the draft Bike Plan, they can be sent to by May 27th, 2012.

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