Bay Bridge Reopens On Time Despite Additional Complications | 511 Contra Costa

Bay Bridge Reopens On Time Despite Additional Complications Bay Bridge reopened Tuesday morning less than two hours late after the expected opening despite a last minute rush to replace a damaged piece of the bridge that was discovered during the unrelated scheduled work.
Aside from all the normal complaints and stresses a Bay Bridge closure causes, the internet is aflutter with praise for the the job CalTrans did on the project, and their handling of the unexpected repairs.  I know I was banging my head on the steering wheel at 430am Monday while taking a “scenic” detour through Marin County after 7 hours of driving but I’m glad this segment of the project is done, and done well from what I’ve been hearing.
Check out the many Bay Bridge construction cams to see what is going on right now.
Read more on the emergency replacement of a cracked steel beam on SFGate.
Have a look at what other Bay Area residents are saying about the project on MercuryNews.
Haven’t been over the revamped segment of the bridge yet?  Prepare yourself for the new S curve. (via Contra Costa Times)

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