Free coffee for bikers. | 511 Contra Costa

Free coffee for bikers.

Biking to work during the BART Strike?  Help fuel your ride with some free coffee…on us!

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  1. i'd like to suggest if 511cc could give info to people on how to start a van pool or private car pool, especially now that carpools will have to pay a toll on the BB. Perhaps reaching out to neighbors in your area who might commute to the same city..lessening traffic and air polution, etc..

  2. Carpooling and vanpooling are efficient modes of transportation, especially when the carpool consists of commuters from the same neighborhood. Sign up at the 511 Rideshare website to see if there is anyone from your neighborhood who commutes to the same city. Once you find a carpool partner visit this website and sign up for a complimentary $60 incentive. Vanpooling takes a bit more coordination because typically a vanpool group needs to designate a leader – someone to coordinate leasing agreements, payment to the van leasing company, finding passengers to join your group, collecting payment, scheduling pick up points, and determining the vanpool rules (no eating or yes eating; music or no music, etc.) Once established, well-run vanpools operate smoothly. As with the 511 Contra Costa carpool incentive, new vanpool passengers can also apply for the 511 Contra Costa vanpool incentive at this website.

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