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BART Strike Carpooling Tips (2009)

Share the Ride!
Carpool…Casually by pulling up to a curb and picking someone up at a casual carpool location. Unless otherwise arranged all carpools from the East Bay drop passengers at Fremont and Howard streets–or nearby–in downtown San Francisco.
Where to Go
Albany–Pierce St. south of Central Ave. Across the street from the Pacific Far East shopping mall.
Berkeley–North Berkeley BART. On Sacramento, east of the entrance to the BART station. Rides to Civic Center as well as Downtown San Francisco: Drivers/riders going to Civic Center meet south of the newspaper racks. Downtown-bound cars pull up to, but not past, the newspaper racks.
El Cerrito–Del Norte BART. On Eastshore, just south of Orchard Supply Hardware. Do not park in the Orchard parking lot. You will be ticketed/towed.
Emeryville Christie & 64th–in front of 6363 Christie. See the discussion board for more info.
Emeryville Marina–Powell St. between Admiral and Commodore.
Hercules–Park and Ride. Off Highway 4 near I-80 south of the Highway 4/I-80. Caution: the lot has a new $3 daily parking fee. Lafayette BART. North of the station, just outside and to the right of the parking lot.
Moraga–Moraga Way. North side of Moraga Way, west of School Street.
Orinda BART–In the alley on the north side of Theater Square.
Piedmont–Oakland and Hillside. On Oakland Ave, just east of Hillside.
Richmond–Richmond Parkway Park and Ride. Richmond Parkway just west of I-80. Parking costs $3.00 per day. You may be towed if you park in the adjacent shopping center lot!
Vallejo–Park and Ride. In the lot, just west of 80 at Curtola Parkway and Lemon.
San Francisco–On Beale between Howard and Folsom.
Carpool…Formally by finding a co-worker, someone in your office building, or on-line at

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