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Bike to Work Day 2011: Are you Ready?

 Bike to Work Day may seem far off in May, but don’t wait until then to get ready. Daylight Savings Time is almost here, so dust off that old 10 speed. Here are some tips to get you going.
1) Know your bike. Has your bike been collecting dust over the winter? It happens.  Have a bike shop pump up your tires  or do it yourself. Learn the ABC check (air, brakes, chain/cassette/cranks).
2) Know your gear. Dust out that helmet. Dig through your closet and find some clothes that will be comfortable and visible. Many employers are loosening their dress code on Bike to Work Day, but you don’t need head-to-toe spandex to be have fun on your bike.
3) Take a practice ride. Biking in traffic is a lot easier and feels much safer when you knows the rules. Read up on bike traffic laws or find a bike safety class near you. Get comfortable riding before your big trek.
4) Know your route. Is there a bike lane on your way? 511CC’s Bike Mapper can help you find a route with just the right amount of climb. Also, dozens of energizer stations will be set up on Bike to Work Day, with hundreds of volunteers distributing donated refreshments, goodies, and commemorative canvas tote bags.  Stay tuned for energizer locations as May 9 draws near. Check out these bags from past years.

Most importantly: 5) Have fun! Find some friends to ride with you. If you’re a long time bike commuter, one of the 34% percent of people who rode their first Bike to Work Day in 2010, or just getting started this year – get out there and have fun!
More pictures of past Bike to Work Days are available on 511CC’s Flickr stream.

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