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BikeLink: How to use electronic bike lockers

Have you had a chance to try out the electronic bike lockers?
Did you know that the electronic card system behind the lockers, BikeLink, offers users access to secure bike parking throughout the Bay Area, as well as San Diego and Portland?
Not sure how to get started?
It’s easy!
Start by going to the BikeLink website and ordering your card. A new card costs $20, but arrives in the mail with $22 stored on the card.
To order your card, you must provide the number of a government issued ID (like a drivers license). If you plan to use the Embarcadero or Berkeley bike station, you’ll have to verify your photo ID the first time you use the station.
Once you have your card, you’ll be able to use any public BikeLink locker, including the new ones coming soon at El Cerrito del Norte BART and Pittsburg Old Town.
BikeLink generally charges between three and five cents an hour for secure bike parking. That’s over 700 hours of parking with your new card! Like Clipper, you can connect your BikeLink card to automatically draw from a debit or credit card so you always have money for parking on your card.
The bike lockers are first come, first served. How do you get your bike into a locker?
Watch closely:

And out:

Got it? Watch the whole thing happen in 10 seconds!

Ready? Get your BikeLink card today! Already have one, share your experiences in the comments!

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