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Caldecott Tunnel Progress Update

As of October 8, 2011. In standard units, the contractors are 2,385 feet in on the top portion from the east, and 528 feet in on the top portion from the west (almost 90%); and approximately 197 feet in on the bottom portion from the west. That’s a lot of tunneling!

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  1. on October 1, there were 721.4 meters from Orinda side (top portion); 154.3 meters from Oakland side (top portion); 60.1 meters from Oakland side (bottom portion). Is there a reason there was no tunneling on the bottom portion between October 1 and October 8?

  2. Greg, Thanks for the comment. Tunnel crews stopped work on the bench on the western end of the tunnel earlier this month to enable them to resume work on the top heading in this area. Work on the bench will resume the week of November 7. Be sure to check out the Caldecott Tunnel Trivia game for this week's Quiz and a chance to win $10 Peet's card compliments of 511 Contra Costa.

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