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California’s 12-cent gas tax increase went into effect this month, and you’ll soon see the impact at gas stations throughout the state. We have a couple of ways for you to beat the tax hike:

Share the Ride – Whether you call it ridesharing or carpooling, it’s the same thing – sharing a ride and splitting the cost. Now that most people have smartphones, apps make it possible to carpool to work with just a little advance notice. The first step: download the Scoop carpooling app.

Commuters who carpool using the Scoop app get a $2 credit for every trip they make to or from Contra Costa. If you carpool both ways, that’s $4. Do it all week and it’s $20. For passengers, the $2 credit is applied to their ride, while drivers can cash out their Scoop Balance.

If you commute by driving to Concord BART, Pleasant Hill/Contra Costa Centre BART or Dublin/Pleasanton BART, there’s an additional perk for you: Scoop carpools are guaranteed a parking spot when they arrive before 10am. No need to get up super-early to get a space or roll the dice on a spot being available when you arrive – use Scoop to find a passenger for that empty seat & parking is yours! Plus, parking is free.

For more information or to download the Scoop app and start saving money, visit our Scoop Special Offer page.

Get an Electric Vehicle – If you’re not ready to commute without driving, leasing or purchasing an electric vehicle not only lets you avoid paying the gas tax, but vehicles which are 100% electric get toll-free access to the Express Lanes. Electric vehicles are also allowed in the HOV lanes during carpool hours, even if it’s a solo commute.

For more information on the benefits of driving an electric vehicle, visit our Electric Vehicle Incentive Programs page.