Carquinez Scenic Drive Closes for Repairs (2013) | 511 Contra Costa

Carquinez Scenic Drive Closes for Repairs (2013)

The section of Carquinez Scenic Drive between Martinez and the old Brickyard in Port Costa was closed by the County in 1983.  In December 2012, the East Bay Regional Park District acquired the right-of-way from Contra Costa County and in June 2013, the Park District will begin a $5 million project to repair the landslides, reconstruct the drainage structures and repurpose the corridor as a paved, Class 1 segment of the Bay Trail. The project will take two construction seasons to complete, with completion projected to be in August of 2014.  During the construction and due to the activities involving heavy equipment, the East Bay Regional Parks District will be enforcing a “hard closure” of the corridor and will be actively citing violators.  The East Bay Regional Park District is asking for the cooperation from the public during the closure.
Edit [5/24/2013]: The road has been technically closed for years. In mid-June/early-July, the trail/road will be blocked off by fencing to start construction. The road will be inaccessible through the winter and construction should be complete in the fall of 2014.

0 thoughts on “Carquinez Scenic Drive Closes for Repairs (2013)

  1. What is the planned date of the actual "hard" closure? This is a very popular recreation area for hikers and cyclists and most would like to know when the last day of access will be.
    Thank you.

    1. Joseph, We don't know of a hard date for closure but as of today it is open and should be for another week. We'll provide an updated date when we know of one.

  2. That will be a wonderful and truly scenic trail, that will have excellent connections to make it very available and useful. Delta Pedalers Bike Club

  3. Do we have an exact date for the closure? I would like to plan a ride before it closes.

  4. This is a beautiful stretch of road and of the Bay Trail, but it would indeed benefit from a few repairs. Are you going to keep the part of the road and it all covered with paintings? That's such a great stretch of road, so many kids have left so much beautiful art there! It's makes the road so special, I'd hate to see it all go away.
    Also, it is going to continue to be closed to cars?

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