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Copenhagen Goes Extra Mile For Bike-Friendliness

A familiar crosswalk
Lots of people biking (and walking) in Copenhagen. Photo credit: malouette
Copenhagen is indisputably one of the world’s leaders when it comes to being bike friendly, where bicycling is a beautiful part of everyday life. Already about 20% of all trips and 30% of all commute trips are by bicycle but apparently that’s not enough. Copenhagen is looking to raise the number of long distance trips made by bicycle with the recent completion of what’s been dubbed a bicycle super-highway.
But what separates a bicycle super-highway from other, existing wide cycle paths in Copenhagen? Well according to Danish urban planning consultant Copenhagenize, the super-highway follows existing routes but the path has been complimented with additional measures such as clear demarcation of the route and periodic bike pumps at intervals so cyclists can inflate their tires if necessary. There are also in-ground sensors to actuate signals as described by Copenhagenize Consulting CEO Mikael Colville-Andersen:

“Sensors under the cycle tracks that can register if there is a group of cyclists riding together. If so, the lights at the intersections will turn green in order to let them continue freely towards the city. “

Read more about (and see the accompanying video) Copenhagen’s efforts to become more bike friendly here.

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