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Daylight Savings Time Ends November 6: Be safe in the dark

Daylight Savings Time ends for most of the United States at 1 AM on Sunday November 6.
As we fall back the sun will set earlier in the evening. By by the end of November, the sun will set as early as 4:51 PM.  This means a lot of people will be commuting home in the dark. Though fewer miles are driven at night relative to the day, more than half of all traffic deaths occur after dark.
Tips for Bicyclists:

  • Use both front and rear bicycle lights. Bicycle lights are required by law, and are a very good idea.
  • Be predictable. Don’t make sudden turns without signaling properly. Come to complete stops when required.
  • Pedestrians, obey traffic laws, and don’t assume a driver will always see you. Make eye contact before crossing the street.
  • Be visible. Do what you can to make yourself and your children more visible using  reflective jackets and brightly colored coloring if you’ll be riding after 4:30 PM.
  • Parents, suggest bright colors or reflective materials for children when coming home from school.

Be careful out there, and enjoy the extra hour of sleep.

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