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Do you prefer buses or trains?

What’s your preferred  mode of public mass transportation? The bus or the train?
There are plenty of reasons to like trains. Trains run on the same fixed route  with predictable stops and if the tracks are separated from the street, they don’t have conflicts street traffic.
Usually when you are waiting for a train, you are at least waiting in a station that’s usually lighted, had places to sit, and has shelter.
Buses are a great mode too. In most places, they’re less expensive than trains.
Buses have more stops than trains and can get you closer to your final destination and have the capability to address the last-mile transportation link.
Buses also have drivers. If you’re new to an area or need help, the driver can usually answer a few questions as you board or exit the bus.
One notable difference is that buses operate above ground so you see the neighborhoods, people, buildings, and street life as you’re driven to your destination.  So, do you prefer people watching over dark tunnels?
Do you prefer buses or trains? Why?

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