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Downtown Walnut Creek Parking Explained

If you must drive to Downtown Walnut Creek, it pays to know what parking options you have when looking for a place to park.


Going to Peet’s Coffee & Tea for a brief time?

Use the short-term parking meters.


Dinner and a movie, or going shopping?

Park in a City-owned garage (South Locust, North Locust, Broadway); inexpensive and no time limits.


Working in Downtown Walnut Creek?

Park in a City garage which is cheaper than meter parking and has no time limits. The City of Walnut Creek is considering changes to the City-owned garages and meters to incentivize motorists to park with purpose (pricing and duration based on the specific purpose of  parking).

Did you know?

In downtown Walnut Creek, there are:

  • 1,524 street parking spaces
  • 1,443 city-owned garage spaces
  • 5,616 other spaces available to the public

The City of Walnut Creek provides a parking guide showing free parking garages, metered parking lots, city parking lots/garages, and free trolley stops.

For more tips and a list of proposed parking changes, check out the image below.

Downtown WC Parking Map
Image provided by In a Nutshell Winter 2013-14

Download a PDF of the image above.

Image credits top to bottom: drauh, aidanmorgan, greenbeltalliance.

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