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Embrace Car-free Adventures with OffMetro

Road trip season is upon us, a time to visit natural and cultural sites, near and far. Load up the car and hit the road, right? But what if you are looking for a little more adventure, or to harken back to a simpler time? Sometimes there is no experience quite like taking a bus, train, or bicycle to reach that getaway, or to see those sights. The recently launched offMetro San Francisco offers just that– how to take a road trip-like vacation “with and without a car!”
There are plenty of suggestions and advice for various kinds of trips, and OffMetroSF  helps you plan trips in a variety of ways– by mode of transportation, by destination, by purpose, by duration, and more. Some interesting trips that offMetroSF suggest, and give a taste of what the site has to offer are:
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Best Bike Getaways Near San Francisco
Five Things to Do in Alameda
You can always plan your own trips, but take a moment and check out offMetroSF. You might be surprised by how many things there are to do around the Bay, and inspired by how easily getaways can be planned without a car!