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Expect Traffic Delays along Vasco Road May 2010 – Aug. 2011

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, On March 23, 2010, The County Board of Supervisors awarded an $8.5 million contract to Teichert Construction for the Vasco Road Safety Improvements Project – Phase 1. This project will be constructed with federal economic stimulus funds authorized by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
Within the 1.5 mile project limit of Vasco Road, road widening will occur to accommodate a median barrier and a passing lane in the southbound direction. Construction of drainage culverts, retaining walls and bridge widening will be also be part of this project. Construction will begin in May 2010 and is expected to continue until August 2011.
To minimize impacts to motorists, vehicle traffic will be routed through the work area behind temporary barriers away from construction operations. In addition, there will be no lane closures or other work which would adversely impact traffic during commute hours of 5:00 am to 8:30 am (southbound) and 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm (northbound).

Temporary lane closures will occur during non-commute hours, and motorists should be prepared for possible delays.

The exact dates and times of the planned lane closures will be posted along Vasco Road on electronic message boards, a minimum of 48 hours in advance.
Source: Contra Costa County Public Works Department press release, April 27, 2010

0 thoughts on “Expect Traffic Delays along Vasco Road May 2010 – Aug. 2011

  1. I am so so sick of the construction along Vasco road…..makes my decision to move to Brentwood a real bad one, it's truly pathetic

  2. Hello,
    Just wanted to comment on the Vasco Road construction. While I appreciate the upgrades, it would really be appreciated to have better planning as to avoid construction during commute hours. I commute from Discovery Bay to Dublin, my commute has increased from 50 minutes to anywhere from 60-90 mins due to Vasco. It backs up getting on Vasco from Camino Diablo, then at the section where the wall went up, then about 5 miles, then from the area before the reservoir all the way until Dalton. Then for those of us turning right on Dalton, there’s now a stop light that creates a back-up.
    I understand the need, but the uneven pavement near the reservoir creates 20 min back up on way home and then later in the middle.
    Would love to know when it will all be completed and what the overall changes will be? Will it help with traffic afterwards? What are the benefits?
    Thank you,

    1. Thanks for your comments, Heather. The lead on this project is the County, thus we will attempt to get answers to your questions from them shortly.

  3. "Temporary lane closures will occur during non-commute hours"
    Quit confused how you can say this when right now its takes AT LEAST an hour to get through vasco during commute hours because they DID close a lane. The first couple miles of vasco is horrible, barely stop and go because construction has completely closed a land, everyones merging to ride the one lane all the way through vasco.
    When will this change???

  4. Just sat parked for forty minutes starting at four pm trying to get into vasco towards Brentwood. What happened to no lane closures during commute hours? What a joke..

  5. The delays have gone on far too long. Why are the delays happening during primetime commute hours? Again, this morning it took me 90 mins from Discovery Bay to Dublin, I sat on Vasco for over 60 mins in the morning commute, sitting completely still with a line of cars miles behind and in front of me. We all turned our engines off for 30+ mins, really? Today, you've decided to still keep a lane down causing traffic delays on the commute home, again primetime commute hours between 4-6pm. I've written so many comments, but no responses. Why have a comment board if you don't respond?

  6. The problem now is the to construction projects and installing new wind turbines are happen the same time. Whoever planned this needs to travel the commute and suffer like all us tax payers. Tuesday 11/08/2011 was like two construction companies that did not know or comunicate with each other, These guys had single lane travel in botharea at 3:15 pm with the back-up from the Livermore side from the 580 to the vasco widing project. Today the morning commute was OK until you arrive past/near the repaving near Livermore it was another 15 minutes to get through. Why don't they just waiden the complete Vasco Road. When the traffic flows through Livermore it seems OK unless you are getting on the 580 west. WIDEN THE WHOLE VASCO ROAD…

  7. The road construction management team is not experienced in managing such a project. A project of this small scale should have been completed months ago. Any costs saved by the contractor by working a very small crew for a longer construction schedule, has been at the expense of the commuting taxpayers.

  8. I have to agree with you both. I've been living in Brentwood for over 14 years now and my commute to work and home has never been such a nightmare for last few months now. It takes me now 2 hours to work and 2 hours home. What is really getting to me is that I do not understand what is taking so long to get the roads open again. The traffice on Vasco was better before the changes so dont really understand what this improvement is for !!!

  9. I have lived in Brentwood for over 10 years and I can't believe how bad Vasco Rd has gotten. I work in Oakland and I take Vasco to Bart in Dublin. It takes me almost 45 minutes to 1 hour to get to Dublin Bart in the morning. Coming home I get on Vasco Rd at 5:30 and I usually do not get home till 6:30pm. It has gotten worse instead of better. I spend most of my time on Vasco due to all the traffic and I really am tired and worn out by the time I get home. It is really ridiculous. Something has to change for the better.

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