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Flat Faced Chain and Cut Resistant Pad Lock

Most cyclists – whether commuting to work or running errands on the weekend – worry about bike theft. It is a real concern in the Bay Area and something many of us has experienced first-hand.  Bicyclists often ask, “what is the best way to lock up a bicycle to keep it from being stolen?”
There is no single answer that fits all situations but according to a recent article in Popular Mechanics titled, Can you Buy a Bolt Cutter-Proof Chain?  the author, Roy Berendsohn, discusses security in general and explains how to find cut-resistant chains and padlocks. A cut-resistant chain is “hardened throughout its thickness, and its flat face distributes the force of the bolt cutter’s jaw over a wide area, thereby diffusing it.” There are several different types of locks out there, and this is just one option. It might be heavier to carry around but harder, if not impossible, to break with common cutters.
Once you’ve got an ideal lock, you still need to find something to lock your bike to.  This quora thread discusses the safest way to lock a bike and suggests some things to consider when locking your bike.
Occasionally we hear stories about thieves cutting chains or popping U-locks. Recovering a stolen bike can be difficult and replacing it (or just replacing a stolen wheel) can be  expensive.  511 Contra Costa encourages novice and experienced riders alike to take advantage of the many benefits of cycling. However it is important to stay safe both on the road or trail, and with the right tools, including a good lock and safe riding techniques, you can minimize the risks and focus on having a nice ride.

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