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Free BART Parking Coming to an End (2014)

Concord BART StationBART has begun phasing out free parking at the few remaining stations where it exists. On Monday, October 27, paid parking ($1 per day) went into effect at the Concord BART station, with the North Concord, Coliseum/Oakland Airport and Hayward stations soon to follow.
According to BART officials, the move to paid parking is necessary to cover costs. The official estimate is that it costs an average of $1.33 per day to maintain, operate and police each parking space in the BART system.
The North Concord BART station will make the move to paid parking on November 12. BART plans to transition Oakland Coliseum BART on November 17 and Hayward BART on December 8.
Parking fees vary by station and can be paid by cash, Clipper Card or a BART Blue Ticket. It’s still free to park at all stations on weekdays after 3 p.m. and on weekends and holidays.