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Get a free bike locker at your workplace!

Is your employer or business a bike-friendly business?
Long, driven commutes are connected to higher divorce rates, as well as high stress and high costs. Living closer to your destination and traveling by bike is good for your wallet, your health, and your environment. Encouraging your co-workers and employees to make the switch to bike commuting, even once a week, can keep your office happier, healthier, and more productive.
What can you do in…
30 seconds?
Request a free bike locker at your workplace! Give a bike commuter a safe place to store their bike during work hours.
30 minutes?
Start a bike commuting club. You know that person that would bike but needs a little bit more motivation (unless it’s you). Organize a group ride once a week. Meet in a specific location at a set time, and ride to work together. You’ll arrive at work energized, and get to know your colleagues along the way.
As long as you have your bike at work, consider adding something special to the routine once a month. Do people want to bike to a lunch picnic or happy hour?
3 hours?
511 Contra Costa offers no-cost training seminars for both employers and employees that want to encourage bike commuting to their workplace. Are you willing to host a free workshop on no-cost green commute options for your employees? Give us a call us at (925) 969-0841 x204.
Topics include:

  • Pre-tax benefits for commute expenses, such as TranBen, TransitChek (Transit Center),  Commuter CheckWageWorksBenefit Resource Inc. (eTrac), Clipper Direct
  • Teleworking or compressed work week program development mini-grants
  • Obtaining Green Business Certification
  • Establishing company-sponsored commuter rewards programs
  • Administering employee transportation surveys

These seminars are for more than bike commuters. Ask how transit riders and vanpoolers can set aside up to $230 of pre-tax income per month, saving up to $1,000 a year.
Are you already a bike-friendly business?
Let the world know with a designation from the League of American Bicyclists! Submit an application (or browse it for more ideas) today!
Want more local recognition? Start getting ready now for the East Bay Bicycle Coalition’s 2012 Bike-Friendly Business Awards.
Share your story.
Is your company an inspiration to bike commuters, or a cautionary tale? What would you like to see employers do to make bicycling to work easier? Share you experiences in the comments!

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