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Holiday Gifts for the Bicyclist on Your List ($20 or less)

1. SpokeLit:


An LED that’s attached between the bicycle spokes and creates cool ‘circles’ of light as the wheel rolls. This bright light also serves to keep the bicyclist safe by making him or her more visible. You can set the SpokeLit to ‘glow’ or ‘flash,’ depending on how much attention you want to bring to yourself (and how starstruck you want your fellow bikers to be). This nifty device comes in red, blue, green, disc-O, amber. Shock and weather resistant.

2. Knog (Frog Single Rear LED):


If you don’t want something as flashy at the SpokeLit, get one of these little frog-like LEDs are small bits of color that spice up your ride, clipping on to just about anywhere on you bike. The bright light flashes for up to 160 hours.

3. Tito Ahmels Bicycle Seat Covers:


Because only this way can your bicycle seat turn into a cow head. With horns.
These animal head bicycle seat covers are waterproof, keeping your saddle clean and dry when you park outside. The only concern is that they’re so awesome they might not still be on your saddle when you get back. The seat covers come in bear, cow, dog, fox, and goat designs.

4. Pryme BMX Helmet:


These no-nonsese helmets are usually worn by skateboarders, but who says bicyclists can’t wear them too? They’re very sensible and normal-looking (none of those alien-shaped green squiggly lined bicycle helmets) so just suck it up and wear a helmet, they really don’t look that bad and they keep you safe! That’s lookin’ at you, hipsters.

5. Urban Gaiter (Leg Gaiters):
Similar to the gaiters that hikers or skiers wear, these ‘Urban Gaiters’ from Cyclelogical are designed to keep grease off your cuff and pant leg (no more flipping your cuff up!). This gaiter even has an inner pocket to stash money, cell phones, or keys.

6. Reflective Chopspokes:
These reflectors cover your spokes and give you extra visibility at night.
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Photo Credit: SpokeLit, Mike’s Bikes, greenergrassdesign, Amazon, Cyclelogic (in order of appearance)

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