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How Do You Spend Your Commute?

What is a commute? We often think of it as a frustrating time going to and from work. But a commute can be so much more than time spent in traffic or waiting for a bus or train, ┬áit can be an opportunity to…

Reading Zadie Smith's on Beauty
Photo credit: Steve Rhodes

…catch up on some reading, perhaps the day’s newspaper or a book…
16th Annual Bike to Work Day
Photo credit: East Bay Bicycle Coalition

…get a little exercise…
2010-02-12 13.56.14.jpg
Photo credit: KayVee.INC
… or try out those new apps on your phone.
These are just a few ways to spend a commute, what do you like to do on your commute? Let us know by May 31st, in this poll or in the comments, we will be selecting one entry at random to win a $20 BART ticket!

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