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How Reliable is your Ride?

Reliability is a big deal in transportation. You want to get there fast, but you also want to get there reliably fast. A 30 minute commute may not be worth the risk if there are a lot of 60 minute surprise delays.
Reliability is also a big deal to Amtrak. The national rail service has been smashing ridership records left and right, largely because it’s becoming more reliable.
Take the Capitol Corridor. Last month, the Capitol Corridor trains averaged a 95.7% on-time performance. And that’s slightly down from the 96.3% on-time performance for the last twelve months.
Still unconvinced? Amtrak proudly features its performance figures on its website. You can even view performance by train, and see common causes for delays.
Incredible but true: The 525, which arrives in Jack London Square at 8:18 from the Sacramento area, boasts a 100% on-time performance for the last twelve months.
How reliable is your ride?

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