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I-680 Express Lane to Open 20 September

A 14 mile stretch of Southbound I-680 will feature an express lane as of next Monday, 20 September. Although the new lane will not cross into Contra Costa County, it is a sample of what could potentially develop into an “800 mile network of express lanes,” which will cover the Bay Area and the surrounding region.
Express lanes, which have proved successful in other cities such as San Diego, Denver, and Minneapolis, should encourage traffic to flow more smoothly and help raise money for other transit options- solo travelers who use the express lane will have to pay a toll via Fastrak, which will vary depending on traffic levels.
The California Highway Patrol will be on the lookout for those who illegally cross the double white lines between the three designated entry and exit points as well as for folks who do not have FasTrak transponders in their vehicles.
For more info about the Express Lane, visit the I-680 Express Lane website.

0 thoughts on “I-680 Express Lane to Open 20 September

  1. This was utter waste of tax payer $'s by CALTRAN. I have been watching thee express lane usage and may not be an exaggeration that no one other than the carpool folks use this lane. I wish the officials reported their expected versus actual collections in the last one month from people paying for using this express lane and don't be surprised to see that the actuals be 95% less than expected. Moreover, this is the most issue free stretch on 680 South – probably doing this going North would have made more sense as the traffic gets backed up pretty heavily from Mission Blvd. South all the way until 84 going North.
    I wish some authorities are reading this comment

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