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Take the 2015 Idle Free Pledge: 'Turn the Key' to Reduce Pollution

Take the Idle Free Pledge and help the environment by reducing air pollution! Taking the pledge means promising to ‘turn the key’ and shut off your vehicle when waiting for more than 30 seconds.
30 seconds of idling uses more fuel than stopping and starting your vehicle’s engine. Since idling also produces pollution that affects our environment and our health, following the 30-second Rule helps you breathe easier, keep the sky blue, reduce your carbon footprint and save money. If you’re waiting to pick someone up, sitting at a drive-through or car wash, or maybe even checking your phone in a stopped vehicle, please turn the key.
The Turn the Key – Be Idle Free campaign is a collaboration between the Spare the Air Resource Team, its partner organizations, and schools to educate parents and community members about vehicle idling.