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New and Improved StreetMix (2013)

Back in April of 2013 we shared an article about StreetMix, the fun web-based tool which lets you resize and rethink streets with mere clicks. When it launched, StreetMix was rather simplistic but that’s partially what made it so powerful and why we wrote about it– because of its ability to let everyday people redesign streets and plainly communicate ideas typically reserved for traffic engineers. StreetMix has since been updated with more details and ways to re-envision streets (light rail, and green-painted bike lanes, anyone?), but it has maintained its simple and user-friendly approach.
Take a look below for a comparison of what StreetMix used to look like and what it looks like today…
It certainly looks more polished and more aesthetically pleasing now, doesn’t it? It may explain why a growing number of neighborhood advocacy groups and city agencies are using the app.
Re-designing streets can be a for exercise for all ages and increasingly it has become necessary to design our streets to be inclusive places; StreetMix can help accomplish this goal. Asking youth how they might re-envision streets in their neighborhood using this tool can help inform the needs and decisions of tomorrow.
Check out the new and improved StreetMix!

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