Contra Costa Air Quality

Bay Area traffic is bad. In fact, it’s the second-worst in the nation. So why aren’t more people carpooling? Because carpooling can be difficult. With Scoop, it’s easy.

The Scoop app connects you with commuters traveling in the same direction, building your carpool for you. The app even handles directions and rider-to-driver payments. All you need to do is tell the app where you’re starting from, where you’re headed, and what time you want to leave before the deadline (9pm for the morning commute, 3:30pm for the afternoon) and it does the rest. Plus, your ride home is guaranteed.

511 Contra Costa and the Contra Costa Transportation Authority have partnered with Scoop to bring you an outstanding offer: carpool with Scoop from Contra Costa to select Bay Area cities (including Pleasanton, San Francisco, Oakland & San Jose), and save an additional $2 per trip when you’re a passenger.

Visit for complete details and to download Scoop. Once you’ve installed the app, use the code CCTA05 to get a $5 credit in your new Scoop account.