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Keep Your Bike Safe

One of the peskiest things about owning a bicycle is the potential that it might get stolen.
Sure you’ve got your U-Lock, your Combination Lock, your Unbreakable-Uncuttable-Unstealable-Bike-Chain-Lock… but there’s always the fear that one day you find that your bike is gone (poof!). Or equally as frightening–that you’ll find the sad skeleton of a bike with its wheels stolen, leaving you to haul the poor thing home. What to do?
Awesomely, just use public bicycle services. There are public bicycle lockers (keyed and electronic) and BART bike stations that you can use to make sure your environmentally friendly two-wheeler stays safe. If you want to keep your bicycle close at hand while you’re working, apply for workplace bike lockers (Contra Costa County only).

1. Keyed lockers: Single-use and require a rental agreement. Contact (510) 464-7133 for locker availability and download the application/rental agreement.
2. Electronic lockers: Shared use. First-come, first-serve. They provide secure bike parking and increased bicycle storage capacity at BART stations.
(Currently, electronic lockers are available at these BART stations: Ashby, Dublin/Pleasanton, El Cerrito Plaza, Lake Merritt, MacArthur, North Berkeley, Pleasant Hill, Rockridge, San Leandro, and West Oakland.)
But how do I use an electronic locker?
It’s basically on-demand bike parking. Buy a smart card (online or at a vendor), insert card into slot next to locker, follow instructions on screen. Simple! It’s like street parking for cars, but a lot easier. When you come back for your bike, your smart card also opens the door.
How much does it cost?
3-cents an hour (3-cents an hour?!), which is automatically deducted from your smart card after putting time in the meter. Unused time and value are automatically refunded back to the card.
(More info on electronic lockers…)

Just another day on the job.

Valet parking like you’ve never seen it before…
1. Fruitvale BART Station: 3301 E. 12th St, Oakland. This location is the second largest bike station in the nation! There’s a full-service bike repair shop right on hand, and you get free bike storage.
2. Downtown Berkeley BART Station: 2208 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley. Conveniently located next to an ice cream shop.
3. Embarcadero BART Station: 298 Market St, SF. Located on the concourse level of the Embarcadero BART Station in downtown San Francisco directly below Market Street near the Davis Street entrance.
Worksite Lockers (Locker Project)
Request an application to install a locker at your worksite.
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