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Las Trampas Perimeter Hike

It’s wildflower season in the Las Trampas wilderness. The Greenbelt Alliance is hosting a guided, 14-mile hike along the perimeter of Las Trampas Regional Wilderness this Saturday.
This hike is not for the faint of heart. Departing from the Sycamore Valley Road Park and Ride at 10 AM, the group will climb and descend a 2500 foot elevation game. The Greenbelt Alliance site describes the trek as very strenuous, but the brave and the bold will be rewarded with a spectacular tour of one of Contra Costa County’s greatest natural assets.
The park earned its name, Las Trampas, from the Spanish word for The Traps or The Snares because of the traps hunters set to catch the abundant elk. Today, visitors can count the deer in the hill areas adjacent to the parking lot. The park was home to antelope and mountain lions in the last century, and some big cat are still sighted each year. Birdwatchers regard this park for its hawks and golden eagles.
Be on the lookout for black sage, chamise, buck brush, toyon, hybrid manzanitas, elderberry, gooseberry, chaparral currant, sticky monkeyflower, coffeeberry, coyote bush, hollyleaf red berry, deer weed, and creek dogwood.
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