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Long Beach's Bicycle Friendly Business Program

Protected bike lane in downtown Long Beach that physically separates cyclists from motorists. Photo credit: Joe Linton/Streetsblog

Long Beach is at it again! When it isn’t installing Southern California’s first protected bike lane or attempting to launch one of the largest bike-share systems in the United States,  the LA beach city  has also quietly been a leader in encouraging people to cycle with their Bicycle Friendly Business District Program.
A first in the nation, the program was funded by a Los Angeles County Department of Public Health grant and is an excellent way to incentivize making trips to local restaurants and shops by bike.  The program is also a great way to rediscover the magic of the city, according to Long Beach mayor Bob Foster:

Bicycling encourages shopping and dining locally. As Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster explains, it also introduces people to businesses we may not notice while speeding by in a car: “I see parts of the city on my bike that I would never even notice if I was just driving. And I love it. It’s not only great exercise, it’s a way for me personally to get closer to the city.” Increased bicycling and decreased driving in business districts also reduces traffic and parking issues.

Long Beach: Green Lane & Sharrows
This innovative piece of bicycle infrastructure in one of Long Beach’s shopping districts is known as a super sharrow. Photo credit: San Francisco Bicycle Coaltion
So far the program has been a huge success, watch this video and see for yourself!

Perhaps this is something Contra Costa cities can do to encourage people cycle and shop locally. What do you think?
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