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Mobile Phone Apps for Cyclists

Are you an avid cyclist and tech geek? Check out these apps for your ride and let us know what you think works best!

  • Cychosis: This is a cycling journal that records your performance and training. Unfortunately you have to enter your ride details manually because the app doesn’t track using GPS, but that also means that your battery isn’t drained as much. ($3.99)
  • B.iCycle: This app is good for road and mountain biking. One bonus of this app is that there’s an auto-pause detection capability that helps you preserve battery life. (One of Apple’s Top 10 apps of 2009). ($9.99)
  • Trails: A GPS app that imports and exports bike routes you can share with your friends. The app even allows you to use other functions (like playing music) while not interrupting the mapping. ($3.99)
  • CycleMeter: This app is something like a cycle computer, showing your speed, distance, and trip time. Basically, you first enter the circumference of your wheels into the app, and it counts the revolutions of your wheels as you ride using a small plastic tag placed on one spoke which hits the fork with every revolution. Then you attach your earbud cables down the fork and secure the microphone next to this point. Voila! (Also works with iPod Touch.) ($4.99)
  • BrakeLights: Turn your iPhone into a brake light! Just strap it onto your back or backpack, screen pointing outwards. The app uses the accelerometer to detect when you slow down and flashes a red light on the screen. ($0.99)
  • Gear Calculator: Calculate gear ratios using your bike’s measurements (the app has 200+ preset tire sizes or you can enter your own bike measurements). If you want to make your own bike or fix up an old one, this apps lets you test out configurations. The Skid Patch Analyzer even lets you visualize tire’s wear spots and choose optimal gearing. ($4.99)
  • Speed: This speedometer uses the iPhone’s GPS to work out your speed (without the wires of the CycleMeter). ($0.99)

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  • MyTracks: A free app from Google that tracks your ride and then let’s you upload it to Google Maps. You can have the phone tell you your stats and intervals as well. (Free)
  • SportsTracker: This app is integrated with Facebook and Twitter and shows you what speed you’re moving at, a map, the distance you’ve covered, etc. The app can be hooked up to a heart rate and cadence sensor for more info. (Free & Pro: $9.99)
  • BreadCrumbz: Share routes with your friends online, discover other people’s routes, add pointer photos and tag points of interest. Good for the social biker. (Free)
  • CardioTrainer: This app is a workout trainer that integrates with your music player and has an autopause function that stops the music when you stop at a traffic light. (Free & Pro: $9.99)


  • Bike Doctor: This app gives you repair instructions for your bike if anything goes wrong on the road. These simple repairs save you a trip to the repair shop! (iPhone: $4.99, Android: $2.79)
  • Endomondo: This app tracks your cycling and allows you to follow a route. It good because it works on all types of phones. (Free & Pro: $3.82)
  • Runkeeper: Uses GPS technology to track your fitness activity and all your cycling routes. Perfect for people who want to keep track of what they do online. (Free until the end of Jan 2011!)
  • RunTastic: RunTastic allows you to upload your training data to an online community. (Free)

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