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Public Transit On Target for Record Use

Have you noticed more people on transit lately?
On BART as Obama becomes President-elect
Photo credit: Steve Rhodes
Transit is approaching record ridership numbers!
The Worcester Telegram & Gazette reports:

The boost in ridership comes as pain at the gas pump and the sluggish economic recovery combined with a migration of young adults to cities and new technology that makes transit faster and friendlier than in the past. The number of transit trips over a 12-month period will likely set a new record later this month or next, say Federal Transit Administration officials. The current peak is 10.3 billion trips over a year, set in December 2008.

For BART, the article notes the struggles of accommodating about 365,000 weekday trips this year (a record high!) while maintaining the 40-year old transit system. The article goes on to describe some of the inventive ways in which BART maintains cars with components no longer being manufactured.
Read the full article for an insightful look at peak transit ridership numbers.

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