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Re-Envisioning Streets in Three Simple Steps (2012)

A revamped Macdonald Avenue in Richmond– with street trees, crosswalk, solar powered street light and wifi hotspot.

Step 1) Select a streetview from Google Maps
Step 2) Add your favorite civic improvements– bike lanes, street lights, tress
Step 3) Share with your friends, neighborhood council, or any other interested party
 The genius concept behind Blockee– the newest, and perhaps easiest way to see your block with the civic improvements you want. You don’t need to be a professional landscape architect or graphic designer, just someone with a vision or interest in improving your local streetscape. Blockee reminds us that streets are more than places for cars– streets are public spaces that can can be fun, and lovable for people of all ages, and all modes of transportation.
Give it a try and see how easy it is to visualize street improvements in your neighborhood

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