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Request for Qualifications – IT Services

Do you think you have what it takes to provide IT services to 511 Contra Costa? Download the IT Request for Qualifications.
RFQ Objectives
511CC seeks to acquire the services of a qualified firm located in (or have field staff in) the San Francisco Bay Area to serve as our networking and computer services partner. The successful firm will conduct initial set up of existing LAN equipment including server, routers, firewall, PCs, printers, and copy machine, once the equipment is professionally moved from Suite 360 to Suite 110, and provide ongoing support for our staff, systems, and infrastructure. It is expected that the initial LAN set up will occur around November 3-4, 2012.
Our networking partner will be able to:
• Work effectively under the direction of 511CC’s technology systems administrator
• Support the required technologies used by 511CC
• Work with 511CC staff using strong customer support skills and maintain a friendly and professional manner
• Provide sufficient staff support as needed primarily during regular working hours and some off hours (when required).
Description of Current Technology
511CC current system a wired local area network which is composed of MS Exchange Server, firewall
and spam filter. Nightly backups are conducted and stored offsite. A VPN is utilized by staff to remotely
access files on the shared network. An FTP account is utilized to share large files with outside agencies.
The current operating system for the PCs is Windows 7. The office Ricoh copy/fax machine is shared on
the local area network.
511CC Office
511CC’s office is approximately 2,200 square feet and has three private offices, nine workstations, one conference room, a work/production room, and a server room. In addition to workstation PCs staff currently use iPhones to access MS Outlook emails and contacts. There are five laptops that are also utilized by staff to conduct work remotely or for presentations.
Required Technology Experience
Our networking partner should be proficient and have experience with the following technologies:
• Windows Servers and networking or alternate system
• Experience with multi brand switching equipment
• Firewall technology
• Windows 7 account management and desktop support
• Citrix support
• WAN/ LAN infrastructure (IP, routing, QOS, Wireless)
• Printing setup, printing pools, wireless printing, shared printing
• Network Infrastructure Setup (Racking of equipment, installation of cabling)
• Understanding of VOIP technologies
• Providing basic support training to 511CC staff (restart server, add user accounts to network or PCs, troubleshoot printing issues, retrieve files from back up, etc).
Responses are due by 1:00 on October 22, 2012. Download the IT Request for Qualifications.

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