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Ride the historic Niles Canyon Railway through October

[Photo via Schaffner]

On the first and third Sundays every month through October, 2010, a bus will connect BART to the historic Niles Canyon Railway. The Niles Canyon Railway provided the first rail connection between the San Francisco Bay and the rest of America and operates along a portion of the First Transcontinental Railroad.
The scenic route will take riders on a 1-hour and 15-minute ride to Sunol and back through Niles Canyon, with a five minute transfer to and from the BART station.
The bus will depart from the “U” line bus stop at the Fremont BART station between roughly 10 AM and 4 PM, making the following stops:

Bus Departs
Fremont BART
Bus Arrives/Departs
Niles Blvd. & H Streets
Bus Arrives/Departs
Niles Blvd. & J STreets
Bus Arrives
Fremont BART
10:12 AM 10:21 AM
10:44 AM 10:53 AM* 10:56 AM 11:06 AM
11:12 AM 11:21 AM 11:24 AM** 11:34 AM
11:42 AM 11:51 AM 11:54 AM 12:04 PM
12:12 PM 12:21 PM* 12:24 PM 12:34 PM
1:12 PM 1:21 PM 1:24 PM** 1:34 PM
1:42 PM 1:51 PM 1:54 PM 2:04 PM
2:12 PM 2:21 PM 2:24 PM** 2:34 PM
2:42 PM 2:51 PM 2:54 PM 3:04 kPM
3:12 PM 3:21 PM 3:24 PM 3:34 PM
3:42 PM 3:51 PM 3:54 PM** 4:04 PM
*Connects with bus TO Niles Canyon Railway trains
**Connects with bus FROM Niles Canyon Railway trains

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