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Town of Danville kicks off Share Our Streets

The Town of Danville is kicking off the first day of summer – a season synonymous with outdoor recreation – with the new “Share Our Streets” traffic safety campaign.
“Share Our Streets”, a joint effort by the Town’s Transportation and Police Departments, is a new summer-long program targeting the three main groups using area roadways: drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians. The campaign, designed to promote safety among those groups, was developed in an effort to address concerns raised by local residents about the conflicts between the three groups. The “Share Our Streets” logo, featuring a biker, walker and driver, will serve as a reminder to everyone that safety, courtesy and caution is a shared responsibility.
Implementation of “Share Our Streets” will be a three-step operation that includes education, warning and enforcement periods. During the first phase (June 21 through July 18), the focus is on getting out the message. Police and citizen volunteers will be passing out informational materials to residents in Town.
In the second phase (July 21 through August 15), law enforcement officers will have the option of issuing a warning ticket in lieu of a formal citation for minor traffic infractions. During the final four weeks of the campaign, Danville Police will be strictly enforcing traffic laws for all three groups.

Share Our Streets is not about issuing citations,” stated Danville Police Chief Steve Simpkins. “Our goal is to convey a positive message through education by first reminding our users to be courteous and cautious on the road.”

For more information on “Share Our Streets”, contact Sgt. Brad Harms at (925) 314-3722 or or Transportation Program Coordinator Nat Rojanasathira at (925) 314-3382 or

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