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A Clever Hack for Cycling in Skirts

Skirts can be lots of fun, but can be a huge hassle on two wheels. How to keep your lovely garment from getting tangled or otherwise being a pain? These ladies from across the pond have a simple solution: put a penny in yo’ pants.

  1. Find a penny or something similar.
  2. Find a rubber band.
  3. Now put on your “favourite” skirt!
  4. Push the penny from the back of your skirt to the front, through both layers.
  5. Form a button at the front of the skirt, using both layers.
  6. Wrap the band around the button making sure it’s secure.
  7. Now get out there and enjoy your new freedom!

Their brilliance doesn’t end there. They’re developing a modification to the penny/rubber band design that will be more gentle on fabric, and donating some of the proceeds to the Afghanistan Women’s National Cycling Team. Visit their site to learn more.