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Speeders on I-580 and I-680 face CHP crackdown

“Am I going to get pulled over? I see a lot of CHP officers on I-580 and I-680…”
According to a recent column in the Contra Costa Times:

Since January of 2010, the CHP has deployed speed teams six times in Contra Costa County and written about 1,000 speed citations.

The teams target violations that play a large role in collisions, such as speeding, tailgating and driving under the influence. However, the teams have been operating for years and target different spots along the highway. If you’ve been seeing a lot of officers, it’s probably just by chance rather than there being an actual increased number of them.
For the full question and answer, readĀ Speeders facing a CHP crackdown in theĀ Contra Costa Times’ Queen of the Road column.

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