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Subway System Maps of the World Scaled to Same Size

For decades cities around the world have been implementing subway systems to accommodate speedy, convenient travel across metropolitan areas. Some systems are world famous like London’s Tube network, and New York’s subway system.
But did you know, if scaled to the same size, the Bay Area’s very own BART system is larger than both of these systems?

BART System Map
Photo credit: TJ Perez

Fake is the New Real recently compiled subway system maps from around the world, scaled to the same size and BART is larger than both.
In fact, BART’s network is the largest of all the subway systems featured, larger than other subway system heavy-weights like Berlin, D.C., and Shanghai!
While the size of a subway system does not dictate quality the comparison is impressive.
Check out the 45 subway systems featured over at Fake is the New Real.

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