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Clipper Card On Ferry Routes!

New Clipper Card and Carrying Case
Soon you’ll be able to pay with Clipper Card on ferry routes! Photo credit: AgentAkit
As of October 1st, having a Clipper card has made getting around the Bay Area even easier! Patrons can now use the Clipper card to pay for their trips on the San Francisco/Alameda/Oakland, Alameda Main Street/Oakland/San Francisco ferries; and the Alameda Harbor Bay/San Francisco ferry routes.  The use of the Clipper card will be expanded to Vallejo/San Francisco route in 2013.
The one-way fare for adult passengers using the Clipper card will be $ 4.75 on the Alameda/Oakland to San Francisco route, and $ 5.00 on the Harbor Bay to San Francisco route. This means that passengers purchasing adult single one-way tickets can save between $1.25 and $1.50 each time they ride the ferry.
Head over to the Clipper Card website to read more about using or purchasing Clipper Cards for ferry travel, and don’t forget, getting a Clipper Card now costs $3

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