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Bike to Work Day 2023

About Bike to Work Day 2023

May is National Bike Month and Thursday, May 18, is Bike to Work Day. Start your work day with fresh air and exercise! Enjoy meeting other cyclists and pick up free goodies at various Energizer Stations along your route.

Tips: Getting Ready to Bike Commute

Don’t feel like you’ll be ‘road ready’ in time for Bike to Work Day? Preparing to bike commute isn’t as difficult as you might think. Take a little time to get familiar with your bike, figure out how to carry your stuff, and find a good route or even a bike buddy.

Take the guesswork out of preparing for May 18 with our Six Tips & Tricks to Get You Ready for Bike To Work Day!

Bike + BART: Taking Your Bike on Board

If commuting all the way from home to work seems daunting, it’s not cheating to make the distance more manageable by adding BART to your commute. Although bikes are always allowed on BART, there are some rules to be aware of:

  • Bikes are never allowed on crowded cars
  • Bikes are not allowed in the first car
  • Bikes are not allowed in the first three cars during commute hours
  • Folded bikes are always allowed in all cars
  • Bicyclists must use elevators or stairs, not escalators

To read the full list of rules, visit the Bikes on BART webpage.

Bike Mapper: Choose the Route Best for You

511 Contra Costa’s Bike Mapper lets you create a custom bike route by choosing from three hill tolerances and three types of routes: bike paths, bike lanes, or the most direct route. Find other bike maps and resources here.

Pledge to Ride on Bike to Work Day

Pledge to ride on Bike to Work Day – Thursday, May 18 – and you’ll receive a map of energizer stations, a digital goodie bag, and routes to ride to celebrate the day. On Bike to Work Day, you’ll be joining thousands of fellow cyclists as they pedal to work, school, or wherever.

Rebates and Incentives for Biking

511 Contra Costa offers a variety of incentives for biking more, especially for commuting by bike:

  • Drive Less by replacing just one car commute a week with biking and receive your choice of $25 gift cards.
  • Pledge to try biking to work and we’ll send you a $20 BikeLink card to help you Secure Your Cycle with a countywide network of electronic bike lockers.
  • Buy a new e-bike and apply for an E-Bike Rebate of up to $500.
  • Register to get a free Guaranteed Ride Home if you experience an emergency on a day you biked to work.

Road Safety Quiz

Find out how well you know the rules of the road by taking our Road Safety Quiz. Everyone who completes the quiz will be entered in a drawing for one of twenty $20 Starbucks gift cards. Winners will be notified on May 31.

Warm Up with Classes or Group Rides

You’ll find everything from social rides to classes geared towards improving your confidence on the bike on our Bike Events page.

Video Highlights from Bike To Work Day 2018

Wondering what Bike To Work Day is like? Check out the video below.

Video Credit: Ford Tivakul

Employers: Tips on Encouraging Bike Commuting

If you’re an employer and want to inspire more of your employees to commute by bike, we can help! Our 2023 Bike to Work Day Employer Toolkit shares ideas and resources to encourage your employees to get out and ride during Bike Month. We also have great strategies and employer resources for making your workplace bike-commute friendly year round.

Energizer Stations: Contra Costa

On Bike to Work Day, more than 45 Contra Costa energizer stations will welcome riders with a free canvas tote, snacks, and good vibes as they bike to work – or wherever. Whether you are an everyday rider or trying a bike commute for the first time, everyone is welcome.

Sponsors & Media Kit

511 Contra Costa has supported cyclists and Energizer Station hosts throughout Contra Costa County since 2001 using Bay Area Air Quality Management District funds and the Contra Costa Transportation Authority’s half-cent sales tax for transportation funds. Bike to Work Day 2023 is presented by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and 511.org.

To help you promote your involvement in Bike Month (aka Bike to Wherever Days) and the Bay Area’s Bike to Work Day on Thursday, May 18, we’ve put together a media kit with promotional copy and graphics.