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Two weeks ago, we asked you to share your hottest transportation questions.
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Is it possible to add a bike lane from Pinole to Martinez and back? I try to commute on Alhambra Valley Rd as much as possible but it’s very narrow and vehicles drive a little too close. Another alternative would be to pave a single bike lane from Periera Rd to Franklin Canyon. It’ll allow bicycles to travel away from the main road and not have to worry about slowing down commuting vehicles. – Joe
The  Countywide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan  indicates the following:

  • Pinole Valley Road from I-80 to Castro Ranch Road – Class II bike lanes
  • Alhambra Valley Road from Castro Ranch Road to Reliez Valley Road- Class II bike lanes
  • The Plan didn’t indicate a route from Periera Rd to Franklin Canyon.

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