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Taxis in Contra Costa

Since college, I’ve kept the phone numbers of a few cab companies on speed dial just in case, and it seems like I’ve only accumulated new cab numbers in new cities thereafter.  I think, “how often am I in Washington, D.C.?”, and yet, “Washington Dulles Airport Cab” is on my phone.
There are certainly some excellent taxi-hailing iPhone apps (Taxi Magic immediately springs to mind) but their coverage of Contra Costa County is minimal at best.
Did you know the Contra Costa Commuter Handbook includes a full list of every taxi company in the county?
Well, you do now.

  • A Royale Cab Co, 925-934-3411
  • All Cities Yellow Cab, 925-240-5777
  • Angel Cab, 925-680-5555
  • Antioch Cab Co, 925-779-9292
  • Concord Cab Inc, 925-686-3022
  • Concord Diplomat Taxo, 925-682-6000 and 800-491-6002
  • Concord Yellow Cab Inc, 925-825-9292
  • Contra Costa Yellow Cab, 925-284-1234
  • Danville Yellow Cab, 925-228-1234
  • DeSoto Cab, 925-228-1234 and 925-689-1234
  • Diablo Taxi, 800-653-4225 and 925-686-4200
  • East Bay Cab, 925-280-7200
  • Golden Cab Company, 925-687-5000
  • Lafayette & Orinda Yellow Cab, 925-283-2200
  •, 925-833-7777
  • United Taxi, 925-930-2700
  • Valley Cab, 925-672-0808
  • Walnut Creek City Cab, 925-672-4400
  • Walnut Creek Taxi, 925-934-2111
  • Yellow Cab, 925-210-0117, 925-372-9292, 925-210-0117, 925-932-7575, 925-906-9292, 925-283-0165

Bonus fact: Where do the terms “taxi” and “cab” come from?
Harry Nathaniel Allen of The New York Taxicab Company coined the term “taximeter cabriolet,” to describe a cabriolet, a type of horse-drawn carriage, with a meter. Today, other countries use “taxi” and “cab” to refer to distinct types of service, but Americans use the words interchangeably and refer to the company by the color of their cars (“yellow cab”, “checkered cab”).

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