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Is carpooling for you?¬†Here’s a quick test: Do you dislike sitting in traffic, enjoy saving money and wouldn’t mind a little company on the drive to work? If you answered “yes”, keep reading. Myths Debunked “It’s hard to find people to carpool with.” Finding people to carpool with is actually¬†easier than it’s ever been. Beyond […]

How have the July 2010 tolls affected casual carpool on the Bay Bridge?

Think your commute is a drag? If you’re traveling solo, ridesharing just might make your morning. As three Contra Costa County employees discovered, carpooling isn’t just for saving money, breezing through traffic, and reducing CO2 emissions–it can also be a great way to form meaningful friendships. In late 2007, the story began when two commuters […]

This video was submitted by actual carpoolers in the Atlanta region. Its catchy.