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California’s 12-cent gas tax increase went into effect this month, and you’ll soon see the impact at gas stations throughout the state. We have a couple of ways for you to beat the tax hike: Share the Ride – Whether you call it ridesharing or carpooling, it’s the same thing – sharing a ride and splitting the cost. Now that most people have smartphones, apps make it possible to carpool to work with just a little advance notice.... Read the rest
Bike to Work Day at the Mid Market Energizer Station Bike to Work Day 2010 in San Francisco. Photo credit: Bay Area Fair Trade Coalition In an earlier post here at 511 Contra Costa we noted that commuter benefits for vanpooling and public transportation had been restored through the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (HR 8) to be on par with the qualified parking benefit For the 2013 calendar year: up to $245 per employee withholding per month for vanpool and all public transportation up to $245 per employee withholding per month for qualified parking, or up to $490 per employee withholding per month for both public transportation and qualified parking This is great news but how does one go about setting aside pre-tax income for a commute benefit?... Read the rest