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Walkability and Walkscore

Who doesn’t enjoy a quick stroll? Walking from the library to the drugstore without having to crank up the engine or unlock your bicycle gives you that healthy, productive feeling – plus it’s good exercise!
Of course, being able to walk around requires more than a pair of good shoes – your destinations needs to be reasonably close together, and there needs to be a safe way to get from place to place.
Walkability is a measure of how friendly an area is to walking.
WalkScore.com offers a quick and easy “walkability” score for any address. Using the distances from that location to a horde of amenities – schools, restaurants, cafes, etc. – the site calculates an index of walkability. Test the walkability score of your home or office!
Recently, WalkScore released its list of the ten more walkable cities in the United States. The Bay Area landed two of the ten spots – San Francisco ranked 2nd, and Oakland ranked 10th!
WalkScore also computed the average walkability of the largest cities in California. How did Contra Costa County do?
Antioch – 49
Brentwood – 45
Danville – 35
El Cerrito – 64
Hercules – 44
Lafayette – 33
Martinez – 49
Oakley – 28
Orinda – 22
Pinole – 47
Pittsburg – 42
Pleasant Hill – 63
Richmond – 53
San Pablo – 56
San Ramon – 32
Walnut Creek – 51
How walkable is your neighborhood? Post your score in the comments or tweet it to us!

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