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WestCAT's Dial-a-Ride

Last month we introduced you to the County Connection’s LINK. Today, meet WestCAT’s Dial-a-Ride service and Paratransit service.
Both Dial-a-Ride and Paratransit supplement the  traditional fixed route WestCAT bus services. The WestCAT Dial-a-Ride will take people over 65 or with qualifying disabilities where they need to go when regular fixed route WestCAT buses just won’t work. Paratransit on the other hand is for people who are  ADA certified and the service has specific guidelines.
Unlike regular Pratransit, Dial-a-Ride is open to the general public. Residents of Port Costa, Crockett, Viewpointe, and Rodeo may also use this service because of the steep terrain in these communities.  Dial-A-Ride will transport general public passengers as far as the Hercules Transit Center to transfer to fixed route buses to complete their trip, while still giving seniors and people with disabilities priority.
You have to register to use either service. Once you are registered, call to arrange a ride for the following day(s) and a bus will come pick you up. You might have to share the bus with other passengers, but it will take you as close as possible to your destination.
To register for the WestCAT Dial-a-Ride, call (510) 724-7993. After that, you can call (510) 724-RIDE (510-724-7433) to schedule your ride. Trips must be scheduled at least one day prior to travel, or as early as three days in advance. To cancel a trip, call (510) 724-4466.
Dial-a-Ride operates during the following times:

  • Monday-Friday 6:00 AM -8:00 PM
  • Saturdays 9:00 AM -7:00 PM
  • Closed Sundays

Rides are $1.25 each way for seniors, people with disabilities, and people with Medicare cards, and $4 for the general public.
To sign up for WestCAT paratransit, call (510) 724-6320 to have the application mailed to you, or visit the WestCAT website.
These buses will arrive within 15 minutes before or after your arranged time.
Over 300 people a day ride the WestCAT Dial-a-Ride and Paratransit every day. Get started online, or tell someone you know today.

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