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Your Chance to Give Input on the Next Generation of BART Rail Cars

As a part of its new rail car project BART has announced it plans to hold three community meetings some time in the Summer and Fall of 2009.  They will be held across the BART service area.  This will be your opportunity to give input on the next generation of BART rail cars to be in service for the next 30 years.

From the BART New Rail Car Project website:
Many of the BART cars in service today have been running since 1972. If BART is going to keep providing dependable service, it is essential for BART to replace the aging fleet of 700 BART Car Conceptrail cars with newer, more reliable vehicles. The rail car replacement project is a $3.4 Billion capital investment that will span more than a decade and require a coordinated regional effort.
The meetings are being planned across the BART service area, with tentative meeting locations under consideration for Alameda, Contra Costa, and San Francisco Counties. Sign up for email news and updates about BARTs New Rail Cars and you will be informed automatically as details of these meetings become available.

For more information check out the BART new rail car project webpage.

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